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Beetle major service

Beetle major service

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Inspect engine for oil leaks

Inspect engine and gearbox mountings

Drain and change oil

Change sump and clean oil gauzier

Inspect fuel lines

Replace fuel filter

Inspect Exhaust System

Replace points

Replace Condensor

Replace spark plugs

Check timing and tuning

Inspect rotor condition

Inspect fan belt and tighten

Check and renew air filter

Inspect Exhaust System

Inspect interior and exterior lights

Inspect battery charge and terminals

Inspection of HT leads

Check distributor cap

Check horn/hooter

Check steering components for wear & corrosion

Inspect shock absorbers

Inspect suspension

Inspect tread depth and tyre wear

Check brake shoes for wear or damage

Inspect operation of wheel cylinders and report leaks

Check brake drums for wear, cracks, corrosion, etc

Inspect handbrake

Check brake fluid & replace

Inspect clutch operation

Inspect driveshaft, joints, gaiters and boots

Inspect windscreen wipers and wiper operations

Check windscreen security and cracks

Inspect mirrors

Inspect number plate

Road Test